Theme shows are specially organized shows on a particular theme that last from 45 to 60 minutes. THE LIPIZZANERS’ CHRISTMAS BALL is on schedule at the moment.


Another new CHRISTMAS CARROL – a music horse show with the Christmas theme and riders, chauffeurs and staff dressed in lavish baroque period clothes. The Lipizzaners’ Christmas Ball will take place on Saturday, December 12th 2020 at the indoor manege of the Stud Farm Đakovo. There are two shows planned. THE FIRST SHOW will take place at 17 h and the SECOND SHOW at 20 h. The price of ticket is 100kn per seat or 50kn for a standing ticket. Note: children who do not need a seat are not obliged to buy a ticket. The number of seats is limited.



contact: Silvija Butković, senior expert officer for tourism and marketing
mobile phone: +385 99 / 215 – 2378 or +385 31/822-535

photo archives / The 2014 Lipizzaners’ Christmas Ball

The Lipizzaner's Christmas ball

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