The Stud Farm in Đakovo was established in 1506 which qualifies it to be among the oldest stud farms in Europe and proves a long tradition of horse breeding in this area. Horses of the Lipizzaner breed have been bred in the Stud Farm since the beginning of the 19th century.

Today, as the State Stud Farm Đakovo, the institution uses two locations for horse breeding and horse selection – one of which is Stallion Station, located at the heart of Đakovo and the second, Ivandvor, in the immediate vicinity of the town. Apart from breeding and selecting horses, the Stud Farm offers dressage services whose quality has been confirmed by conquering noteworthy rankings in horse competitions.

The biggest indoor riding hall in Croatia will offer you a complete experience of our horse shows and riding packages.

The riding hall is also the venue of numerous horse jumping, harness racing and dressage competitions. It is open to all visitors and fans of equestrian sports!

The Stud Farm is open every day to constantly offer its visitors an unforgettable experience.

STATE STUD FARM ĐAKOVO is today a living monument of the history and tradition of horse breeding while being home to 160 beautiful Lipizzaner horses. The tourist attractions of the Stud Farm encompasses cultural, historic, rural and traditional experience of the Eastern Slavonia Region while at the same time giving an overall experience of pleasure that comes from spending time with horses, horse carriage riding and recreational riding to all its visitors.

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