Ivandvor is the second location of the Stud Farm where the stud herd of mares with their foals are situated and where they are raised up to the age of three when the colts are taken for dressage and training at Pastuharna.

The horse stables and apartments for workers at the Stud Farm, at the location of Ivandvor, were built in late 1912 by bishop Ivan Krapac. Their authentic shape and form have been preserved to present day and together with an astonishing landscape and serene silence that surrounds the horses to invigorate the body and mind of its visitors. The importance and beauty of Ivandvor was also recognized by the Ministry of Culture of Croatia which proclaimed Ivandvor to be a cultural heritage site of the Republic of Croatia in 2015.

The Stud Farm employees, with their devoted work and care, grow hay, straw, oats and other crops on the Stud Farm’s own land consisting of 310 hectares of meadows and ploughed fields to ensure all the required food supply for the horses in the Stud Farm throughout the entire year.



To ensure even better living conditions of the stud herd and growing foals of our Lipizzaners, we have refurbished the stables and improved the storage of fodder.

Activities to improve the area intended for tourist visits are under way as well. Apart from outdoor design activities we are also improving access roads, paths and lanes and beautifying the open spaces where horses spend time. We are also planning to build a new tourist facility that will be a comfortable place where tourists could spend the whole day admiring the scenery and landscape Ivandvor has to offer.

Location of Ivandvor

Lokacija Ivandvor

Gazebos for visitors’ rest

Visitors of Ivandvor can enjoy long walks admiring the view of trees and rest beneath the gazebos and dense shadow of black locust trees and to experience a showcase of a Slavonian household.

Never ending green landscapes of untouched nature surround Ivandvor and there is also a viewpoint from which tourists can enjoy never ending pastures on which the stud herd spends their entire summer days.


A showcase of an authentic Slavonian village household (Slavonian crop storage or ambar, a well sweep, a well and a stone oven) are part of a students’ educational tour that other visitors have enjoyed as well

The interior of the stud herd stable with their foals

Interijer smještajnog prostora matičnog stada s podmlatkom

The stables for Lipizzaners at the Ivandvor location

The meeting hall in the authentic building at Ivandvor which is where the solemn reception of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and Princess Anne took place during their visit to the Stud Farm Đakovo in 1972.

Prostorija za sastanke u autohtonoj zgradi na Ivandvoru

The existing refurbished and renewed buildings in the beautiful atmosphere of Ivandvor.

Replaced roofing, new facade, asphalted access roads and new buildings at the Ivandvor location.

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