Stallions are situated at the Stallion station location of the Stud Farm, in the centre of the Town of Đakovo. They undergo dressage and training for equestrian sports, therapeutic riding, two-horse and four-horse carriage riding and riding school.

Due to its attractiveness, the activities of Stallion station bring domestic and foreign tourists in large numbers, approximately 20 000 visits per year.

What is also interesting to visitors are numerous expert registers, original pedigrees of the most valuable studs and hundreds of golden and silver trophies won by the Đakovo horses at numerous competitions, all of which is within the Stallion station offices.

Among historic registers, a black-and-white photograph of the British Royal Family, taken at Stallion station during their visit to the Stud Farm in 1972 and signed by the Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Prince Philip and Princess Anne, keeps a honorary position.

The graceful and elegant performance of the Đakovo four-horse carriage with astounding Lipizzaners at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games impressed Queen Elizabeth II so much that the entire Royal Family visited the Đakovo Stud Farm, Stallion station and Ivandvor, to grant her wish in 1972. The Đakovo Stud Farm thus received an important recognition for breeding horses in the Đakovo Region from excellent connoisseurs of these noble animals.

Visit Stallion station at the following address: Ulica Augusta Šenoe 45, Đakovo


Behind the indoor manege there is a racetrack where horse pulling tournaments are held. It is also used for training and preparing horses for competitions. There are also spectator stands within the racetrack complex.


The original blacksmith’s workshop has been renovated in the courtyard of Stallion station.


In the courtyard of Stallion station  there are three stables with Lipizzan stallions either tied at posts or in compartments.


It is a place where horses learn a certain speed of movements and which ensures stretching before their training which contributes to better results in horse competitions in the country and abroad.

This place also ensures cooling for horses after their hard training and for tourists, it is one of the newest and remarkably interesting tourist attractions situated in the centre of town.


The newly built manege is the centre of all activities at the Stud Farm Đakovo either when it comes to horse shows, cart pulling and dressage competitions, hurdle races and other social events.



In the area of the National Stud Farm Đakovo, next to the manege, there is a carefully planned and kept area for the youngest. It is a recently built children’s playground with installed swings, a jungle gym and a slide.

This project will compliment the increasing number of sought-after tourist visits of the youngest visitors to the Stud Farm Đakovo. Education about horses and horse sports starts as early as at the kindergarten age and the horses are the ones who inspire children in their art creativity.

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