Equestrian Sports Hall with corresponding facilitiesRIDING HALL has been developed as a multi-facility indoor building on 4200 square metres encompassing a range of facilities such as a souvenir shop, a restaurant, a horse equipment shop, new horse stalls equipped with showers and solariums, and riders’ lounge areas. A museum and gallery exhibition area has been planned on the upper floor with adjacent meeting rooms and conference halls.

The Riding Hall features 540-seat audience stalls, toilets, solariums, horse stalls, offices and multipurpose halls in the complex of the Stud Farm. The construction of the Riding Hall has been financed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia and performed by ZUBER Ltd. Company from Višnjevac, Croatia.

Surface of the Riding Hall: 46.65 m x 75.00 m

Facilities of the Riding Hall and its surfaces:

  • riding arena, 27.50 m x 64.50 m
  • audience arena / 800 – 1000 spectators, 600 m2
  • horse stalls / 16 stalls
  • restaurant area, 200 m2
  • storage area for carriages, hurdles and reins, 400 m2
  • 1st floor (office and club area), 255 m2
  • souvenir shop, 20 m2

The Riding Hall, with its accompanying facilities, is intended as a venue for riding schools, horse dressage, therapeutic riding, vaulting and sports competitions – horse jumping, harness racing throughout the year. The Riding Hall will also ensure better quality of activities of the “Stud Farm Đakovo“ Horse Club and  horse breeding organizations since it will entice their further professional development and their work involving harness racing throughout the year.

The indoor area of the Riding Hall offers new opportunities such as holding horse auction sales, exhibitions and fairs throughout the year.
The construction of this first vast indoor riding hall in Croatia, fully built according to the EU standards, will help the Stud Farm Đakovo to achieve top results. It will also complement the offer of the continental tourism in Croatia, which will undoubtedly contribute to its promotion in Croatia and abroad.

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