Welcome to Đakovo, welcome to the State Stud Farm Đakovo. Let your experience start at Pastuharna.

Observe the male horses situated at the stables. Feel their intelligent gaze that reveals shrewdness and subtlety created through generations of meticulous selection. Touch its muzzle to feel the touch of the wilderness that will fill you with primal senses.

Then, head for the offices of the Stud Farm and get to know its 513-year long history and 213-year old tradition in Lipizanner breeding. Explore numerous expert documentation containing authentic pedigrees of the most valuable horses and hundreds of gilded and silver cups won by the Đakovo horses at countless championships.

You will spot a photograph of the British Queen, Elizabeth II, taken during her visit to the Stud Farm Đakovo at an honorary position. The memory of her visit makes us especially proud since the British Royal Family, being an excellent connoisseur of horses, recognized the quality of horse breeding and horse selection at the Stud Farm Đakovo.

When you come back to reality set your foot on the nicely landscaped courtyard of Stallion Station adorned with details that represent a long tradition of horse breeding and head for the terrains used for dressage and horse training. There must be a couple of gorgeous beauties waiting for you to show what they have learned and to strive even further.

Take a break. Lie on the grass, take in the scents of the Slavonian plains and, being so relaxed, follow the work of trainers in their sublimity and delicacy.

Follow the directions to Ivandvor where the stud herd of mares and their foals, up to the age of three, are situated. If you chose the righr timing, your heart will surely rejoice when you spot few days old foals right next to mares .You will not be able to take your eyes off their harmony already visible in their first days of life. Dark at birth, Lipizzaners change their colour as they grow to become white.

Here at Ivandvor, mesmerized by the pictures of herds of caring mares and their foals, surrounded by astonishing landscapes, silence and serenity spreading across the nearby hills, your will invigorate your body and mind.

Take these beautiful pictures to your homes to make you joyful at any moment.

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