Tourist horse shows are bilingual 30-minute shows (apart from Croatian, they are in English and German) intended for domestic and foreign tourists of all ages. There are music shows that present the trainings and dressage of horses conducted at the State Stud Farm Đakovo. The show with horse riders includes the Quadrilla with four riders and the pair work of two riders- the so-called Pas de Deux, while the other part of the show features separate numbers of one-horse, two-horse and four-horse carriages.

Performances are held for a minimum of 70 visitors, for a small number of organized groups payment is made according to  official price list of the  State Stud Farm Đakovo.

Terms of performances are listed in Chalendar of events.

The organizer reserves the right for public sale of tickets for the rented dates of performances.

Ticket per person for the Stud Farm Show (manège of the Stud Farm Đakovo)

  • Children, pupils, students and pensioners 35,00 kn (4,65 €) (work day) / 40,00 kn (5,31 €) (weekend/holiday)
  • Adults 45,00 kn (5,97 €) (work day) / 50,00 kn (6,64 €) (weekend/holiday)

Tour of one location (Stallion station) + ticket for the show

  • Children, pupils, students, pensioners 40,00 kn (5,31€) (work days)/50,00 kn (6,64 €) (weekend, holidays)
  • Adults 50,00 kn (work days)/60,00 (weekend, holidays)

Tour of two locations (Stallion station and Ivandvor) + ticket for the show

  • Children, pupils, students, pensioners 50,00 kn (6,64 €) (work days)/60,00 kn (7,96 €) (weekend/holidays)
  • Adults 70,00 kn (9,29 €) (work days)/80 kn (10,62 €) (weekend/holidays)

We approve free entry for teachers and group guides. VAT is included in the price of tickets.

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